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Hornby OO Railroad 9F DCC Sound

Hornby's entry-level Railroad 9F models provide a great basis for a major enhancement project. Our example here is "Evening Star" which we have added DCC sound, full lighting and a smoke generator to.

There is little space available in the loco, so we disassemble the whole model and grind off the block at the front, including the mount where the 8pin DCC socket sits (we will hard wire). To counter the loss in weight, we will use a SuperCap stay-alive capacitor.

A white metal chimney will replace the plastic one, drilled out to fit a Seuthe #27 smoke generator.

DevCon 5 minute epoxy fixes in the new chimney and Seuthe unit.

Zimo MX645 sound decoder sits above a 6800uF SuperCap just behind the Seuthe unit - a little is filed off the front top of the chassis there too, so that the decoder's wires can sit a tiny bit lower. A YouChoos 'Limo9' speaker will be mounted at the back of the chassis.

Test-fit everything so far to make sure it will all go back together flush.

Add an SMD white cab light.

Add SMD orange firebox glow light.

Drill holes for YouChoos loco lamps, and use the Dremel to create shallow paths underneath for the lamp wires to sit in as well as a clean path into the boiler so they do not snag or cut when the body is put onto the chassis later.

Fit the lamps, carefully routing the wires and fixing down with super glue.

Tuck everything in neatly and reassemble!


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