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Dapol N Gauge 9F DCC Sound (Zimo)

The Dapol N Gauge 9F - installation guide for DCC sound using Zimo MX648 and Zimo 9mm SugarCube speaker...

Here's the donor model...

Tender top pops off to reveal the usual Dapol angled DCC socket board, which we must remove completely including the mounts, as this is where the SugarCube speaker will go. A YouChoos 7mm SugarCube will give good results, but we decide to push the install a little further and used a standard Zimo 9mm SugarCube.

Double-sided sticky pad to secure the speaker. Remove unwanted wires from the decoder, shorten the wires approximately, and use a thin double-sided tape to loosely stick the decoder on top of the motor (don't use the tape over the motor opening itself though!)

Carefully solder up the 6 wires (purple to speaker, red & black to pickups, orange & grey to motor) and test direction of travel - if backwards compared to what was expected, just swap the orange and grey wires around.

Tuck as much of the wiring down the sides of the speaker rather than on top, as it will be tight, and ease the tender body back on until it clips securely.

The decoder sits too high on the motor to use the original coal moulding, so we use a strip of electrical tape, then work some Black-Tak into the gaps, shaping around the edges, then a little Gel SuperGlue covered in crushed Woodland Scenics coal ballast - nice effect!

The finished model...


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