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Bachmann OO Class 03/04 Diesel DCC Sound

Bachmann 04 with Zimo Sound and SuperCap Stay-Alive

Example of installing DCC sound with Stay-Alive SuperCap68 in a Bachmann OO Class 04 diesel...

This is a relatively old Class 04, without any DCC preparation. We have shaved a little of the chassis block off the top to make room for wiring and components. Pickup wires are wedged between the split chassis halves.

A Zimo MX648 sound decoder is used, with SugarCube speaker, positioned low down in the cab so as to be out of view.

The excellent SuperCap68 (6800uf stay-alive super capacitor) is mounted vertically at the back of the cab. You can just see the top of it through the rear window, so the top is painted black. The SuperCap6800 gives around 1.5 seconds of run-on time after power is cut, so it excellent in this little shunter with short wheelbase. Use a SuperCap17000uF for even more backup power (same physical size). Note that the SuperCap must be connected to the decoder via a SPEIKOMP or SACC16 kit.

We've offset the speaker and decoder slightly to one side, and shaved the inner arm from the driver to get everything in, but it works very well, and to top it all off, a yellow working lamp is fitted front and rear.

Bachmann 03 with Sound and Auto-Couplers

For something a little different, we have a Bachmann Class 03 here fitted with DCC Sound, lamps and auto-couplers from Hattons Ideas. One FKey press activates the uncoupling procedure, which nudges the loco toward the attached trucks, activates the coupler output to raise it, then drives away from the wagons!


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