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After a number of years, as of January 2014, YouChoos made the very difficult decision to cease taking general commissions and performing installations for customers except in a few exceptional circumstances. This is due primarily to lack of time, and will enable us to concentrate solely on developing DCC sound projects, supplying decoders and kit, so that you can perform the installations either yourself, or through one of our partners.

We will of course continue to provide support for the decoders and kits supplied, as well as assistance for owners of existing YouChoos-enhanced locomotives. A vast range of information is available on this website to help you understand how to perform the installations yourself, and we will provide assistance whenever possible via e-mail and phone too.

Alternatively, your local model shop, or local DCC fitter may be able to help you, but if you get stuck, then we are very happy to recommend our partners below. Wickness Models and Tony Aldam are our longest standing partners, but all those listed below have been certified by YouChoos for quality and techniques. We are also very happy to include TMC (The Model Centre) as one of our service partners, already well known for their customisation and weathering services.

Not all scales and enhancements are available from all partners, so use the table to choose your preferred fitter. Please note that none of the service providers listed are directly related to YouChoos, except by experience, or as resellers, so any work that you choose to undertake using them is strictly between them and yourself - YouChoos holds no liability in that relationship. However, any partner listed has been through a process of review in order to attain certification, so you can expect a good level of quality and communication - we wouldn't list them if we didn't feel they could provide a good service!

Website/Contact/Location Partner / Notes Level / Services

TMC (The Model Centre) - Well known for their customisation and weathering servics, TMC is now also partnered with YouChoos for provision of DCC sound. Expect a professional and enthusiastic welcome from their experienced team. All

Tony Aldam - Tony is a specialist in enhancements for many scales, fitting of DCC sound, lighting and smoke. All

Langport, Somerset
01458 253928 (evenings)
Robert's Railway Repairs - Robert Train (yes, that is his name) has been modelling for over 35 years and specialises in the repair of most makes of locomotives, DCC fitting including sound using YouChoos Zimo products, manufacturing bespoke transfers, name plates and light installations. All

Dumfries, Scotland
Wickness Models - Douglas is an expert in all things DCC, specialising in DCC sound fitting, well known for his N gauge installs. Potentially long waiting lists, but quality is guaranteed! All

Trident Trains - Richard Spibey, a long established model train retailer, offers DCC and DCC Sound fitting in OO using YouChoos Zimo products for all DCC Sound installations OO - sound
07880 776413
Darlington, Durham
Simon Howard, S H Model Making - Simon is a full-time model builder and fitter, offering the full range of services in any scale, including DCC sound, weathering, and detailing to a very high standard. Simon is a regular exhibitor for the 2mm Association too. All
07515 436396
Mark's Trains - Mark Johns - Mark has recently started offering fitting services after a long period of fitting for himself and for local contacts. He will tackle N, OO/HO and O gauge, as well as HOn2, TT and 009, including DCC sound in any scale, lighting, mechanical repairs and diagnostics, and is something of a whizz at electronics. All

David Atherton - David offers a range of services for OO models, including DCC, sound, lighting, smoke and coach work.
OO - sound, lighting, smoke, coach-work
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
John Gay - John has been exhibiting and enhancing OO models for many years and is particularly adept in the field of model lighting, producing bespoke circuits and using fibre optics, as well as innovative and effective DCC Sound installations.
OO - sound, lighting, smoke, coach-work
N - some sound

Ilminster, Somerset
DCC Train Automation - James is an expert in DCC, specialising in layout automation. DCC Train Automation are stockists of YouChoos sound decoders and offer some fitting services, primarily for OO and O gauge. O & OO - sound

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